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Pet Grass

Pet grass, also called Cat Grass is any naturally growing grass that is specifically intended for use by cats, generally indoors. It can be grown virtually in any dish from which the cat simply eats the grass and directly ingestes the nutrients contained therein. The commonest claimed advantage is to assist the passage of stray hairballs.

Pet grasses are said to help in three ways: First, since it is naturally an alternative to commercially available fertilizers and herbicides, it does not pollute the air as do the others. Secondly, since it is grass, the nutrients it contains are easily assimilated by the body. Thirdly, wheatgrass or any other such herb used as a source of pet grass, if consumed by the dog, is said to keep the dog healthy because of the rich minerals and vitamins contained in the wheatgrass. However, the dog needs to be trained to consume the grass. Training may take place in the form of elimination or meal cleaning.

Wheatgrass or any other herb used as a source of pet grass must be planted in an enclosed area and watered daily. A special container must be prepared by soaking the soil in water overnight and then sprinkling the same with baking soda or oxalic acid and then letting the surface dry up before watering. When the container is filled with the desired quantity of soil, a plastic cover should be placed on top to retain moisture. The same procedure should be followed when watering the same. A few days after seeding the container, the sprouts should be plucked out and the soil substituted.

Good soil with good drainage is required for planting wheatgrass or any other herb, because it does not grow well in saturated soil that has become too well-drained. Good quality containers for planting wheatgrass are well-suited for container gardening and do not require soggy or clay soil. The containers used for the same need to be well-drained soil. A test kit needs to be used to determine the density of the soil.

Once the soil is prepared, the seeds should be planted in individual small holes at intervals apart from each other. The number of seeds to be planted will depend on the size of the container. For example, if the seed is being planted in six-by-six-inch containers, then only four plants will be needed. However, if two seed packages are being planted, then six plants will be required, as six plants require more space than two plants.

Seeded wheatgrass or any other herb can survive just fine without any protection from pests or adverse weather conditions such as frost or rain. However, pets such as dogs and cats are likely to snack on the seeds and can destroy them. A good method of deterring pets from eating seeds is for pet owners to bury the seeds a couple of inches deep, then cover the area with chicken wire. It is also a good idea to bury the seeds in peat moss for several days before replacing them in the ground. However, grass seeds should not be planted in pools or ponds since they may survive the effects of water but not the presence of fish.

Wheatgrass can be a great way to get your pet’s active indoors, and it’s easy to maintain. However, there are a few things that pets should not do when growing wheatgrass or any other herb. It is advised that pets should not be allowed to over-soil the area or eat the seeds. For indoors pets, a small plastic garbage can is ideal for placing the plant in, and this can also be used for removing excess soil when the lawn is not in use.

If you have indoor pets, using Pet Grass containers is a great way to provide them with the benefits of the outdoors without the risks. The fact is that plants such as this one are beneficial for both humans and pets, and there is no better way to keep them both healthy and well than with containers. Be sure to use the right containers and potting soil so that your plants will have the best chance of survival.

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