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Pavers in Melbourne are versatile because they come in many different styles and colors. By blending the colors and shapes you can create a single entrance yard or at the entrance. Although it is possible to put the blocks in mortar or concrete, many are placed on a compacted bed of gravel and sand.

Here are some of the characteristics on the basis of which you can select pavers for your home:


The versatility of pavers means you can create patterns on your sidewalk or walkways. Some come with plane surfaces edges whereas some execute a tongue and throat design, which are closely related. When creating a walkway or patio with cobblestones, pavers can be cut to fit your model with a wet saw with a diamond blade.

Many shapes and colors

Pavers come in a literally infinite number of styles and colors. Pavers are made to look like the natural state of paving materials. Some of the different styles is clay brick pavers, stone like pavers. Light colored pavers offer cold surface around patios and pool decks.


The manufacturing process makes them less costly pavers like concrete or fused asphalt. Concrete pavers still cost less than similar sandstone pavers, granite or clay and are more durable, particularly if used in the hallways. The cost of repairing the pavements is much less than the concrete, as they usually remove the damaged parts and define new tiles instead. If it is considered that many pavements have a life expectancy of more than 30 years, they are an economical choice and so they are often called as cheap pavers.


Pavers are produced in a form of aggregates, in which the binder and gravel are much stronger as compared to the ones that are formed with just an adhesive. This means that the blocks are more stable than the poured concrete. Extend concrete pavers and contract with the seasons, but do not crack like concrete slabs. The joints between the pavers allow no seasonal or seismic movement. It is not necessary to add reinforcement or reinforcing bar pavers to reinforce them.

Low Maintenance

Routine maintenance includes regular sweeping or rinsing with a garden hose. When the sand flashes at the joints, a few more sand steps are visible at the joints. All the weeds that grow between the pavers are easy to remove. If necessary, you can pull a paver to expose the roots of a weed to destroy it. Heavy rains can sometimes cause the bed of sand to move under the pavers, making the terrace or road irregular. Leveling the sand under the pavers and compacting it prevents the problem from occurring again, thereby giving you peace of mind.

Weather Resistance

Pavers are ready to use a driveway or yard, as soon as you set them, unlike concrete, they heal a lot for several days before you can use it. They are uneven which eliminates sliding. Deicing salts do not produce an effect on the paver’s surface. You can remove snow from them. They do not decipher in a minor earthquake, such as poured concrete.

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