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Tipper trucks, also known as dump trucks, are used for carrying and dumping the waste from one place to another in a movable large box positioned at the backside. These trucks usually carry large items like building waste, garbage, commercial waste, etc from one area to another in single journey and save lot of time. Tipper trucks are mainly being used in easing the building projects by carrying waste and also managing to bring required material which can be dumped in single throw at specific place. However, there are different kinds of tipper trucks as mentioned below-

Fully Built Tipper – These kinds of trucks are equipped with roof and have very high capacity to carry material with accuracy and safety. The unique feature of these trucks is that no single material gets fallen during the journey and the complete one reaches the destination. It also minimizes the waste along the route and has easy maintenance.

Fully built tanker – These are similar to fully built tippers but are round in shape covered from all areas and small hole for material to be entered. These trucks are used for carrying liquid at large distances. Since these are round in shape, the liquid movement is lowest and can be filled up to the top. So, the minimum area can carry maximum liquid and are used for various purposes in building projects.

Prima Tippers – These are full range tippers with very high capacity and rotational cover which can be opened and brought down for easy flow of material. The material can also be rolled on its surface to load and unload. These are highly useful for carrying large objects which are difficult to lift with an option to be rolled and loaded / unloaded inside and outside the vehicle.

Open body tippers – These are the dumping trucks which are open from the top so that material with large height may be placed on them and transported to different areas. These may not be easily protecting the objects from heat and rain but the same can achieved by covering it with a large piece of sheet. Otherwise, the open tippers are the best option to carry large size material which can be and obstruction for closed tippers.

Small Auto Tippers – These are the tippers with low capacity and small size used mainly in areas where large tippers can’t be entered. These auto tippers, being small in size, can easily go from one location to another and are used for short distances.

 Interchange system trippers – These trippers have changeable storage space which can be mounted / unmounted on the axles with crane. These are advantageous where tippers are not allowed so the storage tank brings the material in it and moves along with the vehicle.

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