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Roof gutters are sources for accumulation of water and debris. They should be cleaned every few months, and gutter repair must be undertaken to prevent waterlogging of your basement. The following are some DIY tips from the experts that will help you clean, repair and maintain roof gutters for many years.Discuss your gutter replacement requirements with us.

  • Use a ladder to climb the side of your building and reach the gutter. Do not try to directly climb onto the roof and clean it from there. DIY tips recommend wearing heavy duty industrial or latex gloves to prevent damage to your hands. Using a small swipe, remove the debris from the gutter.  Flush out the remaining debris with a hose.
  • In case water is stagnating in the gutter, it means that drainage is getting blocked at some point. At the downspout, flush out stuck debris with the help of the hose for gutter repair. In case water still stagnates, you may need to call an expert for gutter repair.
  • Check all the spikes which go through the gutter. In case the spikes have become loose over the years, they need to be tightened for after a certain time period.
  • Sources of any leaks need to be verified. There may be cracked caulking in the seams, for which you can scrape out the old material, leaving the seams to dry. Following this, fit new bead silicon sealing to prevent water going behind the gutter and rotting the boards, which will be ideal for gutter repair.
  • During gutter repair, it is important to check rivets located on the downspout. In case they are loose or have fallen out, they should be replaced. Only then can gutter repair service be completed in an effective way.
  • While cleaning the gutters, do not use the hose or pressure washer at too high a pressure. If you do so, gutter repair may not be effective as the rivets would be knocked out.  To complete gutter repair in an effective way, rivets must be aimed with water at the correct angle.
  • If the gutters are too old, it is likely that they may be rusting. Modern gutters are made of aluminum and vinyl, which do not corrode. However, if you wish to persist with the old one and increase life through gutter repair services, make sure you use a primer and then coat it with paint. This will complete the process of gutter repair.
  • Dig a trench next to the house with a shovel, which will drain water coming out from the downspout.
  • To prevent damage and frequent gutter repair is required, remove any overhanging branches.
  • Give the roof a check in an effective way after winds or major hail storms as one of the DIY tips.

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