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In this fast growing world, the criminal activities are increasing day by day, it demands for high security. Which in turn demands for reliable locking solutions. As you keep many precious items and belongings in your home and your family also requires protection and safety, your residential premises must have the locks which cannot be breached by thieves and criminals. So installing the best quality locks for your home is very necessary. For your residential locking solutions you must rely on the professional locksmiths as they provide all the locking solutions with quality committed services. For example, in cities like Melbourne, there are so many locksmiths who provide emergency locksmith service in Melbourne. Some effective locking solutions for your home premises are:-

Using electronic locks

You can opt for electronic door lock which can be controlled by remote. It provide you keyless entry solutions and decreases the chances of breaching of your security as this lock cannot be opened without remote. If you live in Melbourne you can have this lock from any leading locksmith. In case if you lose your controller or get it broken you can get it changed or replace your locks by calling any emergency locksmith in Melbourne.

Using mechanical locks

You can opt for mechanical locks like door bars, padlocks, door chains, and side hinge units these locks provide security from the interior and keep uninvited guests and strangers away from your home. For security from the outside of the home you can select the door cylinder locks at your front or main door, which are opened using keys only and provide the perfects break in protection. These locks are usually hard to break and you can get them installed by any emergency locksmith of Melbourne.

Choose the right lock fitting

Any door with the inappropriate lock frame can be easily breached by the burglars as some lock frames can be easily unscrewed, so it is required to use the multi-layer door frame which cannot be removed readily. You can have these door fittings from any locksmith in Melbourne.

Installing the locks at every door

For proper safety of your home you should provide lock at every door of your home.

Installing CCTV camera and intercoms at your doors

By installing CCTV cameras and intercoms at your doors you can increase the security of your home, using them you can see, communicate and keep record on who is coming and who is trying to come in your home. By communicating and looking at the guest you can identify who is at your door and avoid strangers to break-in your house. For installation and replacement of your CCTV and intercoms you can contact your local emergency locksmith.

Installing the door alarms

Installing the door alarms at the main door will notify you when someone try to break your security. This will create an alert when your security is breached and will make a fear in intruder.

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