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A roof tile protects your home from the adversities of weather. But it’s a well known fact that with time the roof tile’s condition deteriorates and needs repairs. Apart from repairing there are many issues associated with them that need to be addressed as soon as possible, such as cleaning of roof and leakage problems.

The roof tiles restoration

The roof tiles generally produce a temperature of about 120 degrees while most of the summer, the ambient temperature is about 30 degrees, which leads to the hammering of the roof tile. Other factors such as high winds, pollution and acid rain cause the further wear and tear of the roof tiles. In the beginning the oxidation of the tile surface occurs and it becomes powdery, which is followed by erosion of sand cement.

You can apply a fine quality of coat or sealer on your roof tiles to protect them from deteriorating. But if you have not taken any prior precaution, you need to consult a roof repairing specialist. The process of roof tiles restoration is quite easy.  If you need the service of roof tile restoration in Melbourne, then you need not to worry, as there are many specialists available in town, one such company is Singh Roofing, get in touch with them for a quote.

Roof cleaning


Moss, lichens and algae eat up the roof. If they are not treated as early as possible, they tend to cause more damage to the roof. Many homeowners find it frustrating and annoying to come across a good roof cleaner service. But, now you can enjoy amazing services of roof cleaning by Singh Roofing Melbourne.  Usually the roof cleaners opt for three common ways of cleaning including:

  • Eco-friendly, non-bleach and low pressure roof cleaning method technique.
  • Chlorine-bleach roof cleaning technique.
  • High pressure power washing roof cleaning technique.

You can ask from your service provider to employ any of these three methods depending on your comfort and budget.

Roof Leakage

If you observe water stain that runs down the wall or extend across the ceiling then there is a leakage in your roof and it need to be treated quickly as it can cause many major problems such as rooted sheeting and framing, molds, damaged ceilings and destroyed insulation.

An expert will first of all, detect roof leakage by tracing the source of the leaking ceiling which is not an easy job; it requires a lot of experience and skills to successfully detect all the sources of roof leakage.

The roof leak services generally involve maintenance of gutter, installation of gutter, cleaning of gutter and installation of gutter guard system.

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