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If you wish to renovate or decorate your home, it is certainly not an easy task and that too if you are taking the help of a professional architect or an interior designer or any renovation expert. Believe me these professionals are going to charge you a lot. Experts are of the opinion that home renovation and home remodeling an expensive industry. However, the good news is that you will be able to do all the renovation and decoration yourself.


What is the need for decorating your home? An analysis has shown that well decorated and well furnished homes are extremely peaceful when compared to the ones that are poorly renovated. In a true sense, if you are interested in having a peace of mind and to relax, your house must be decorated properly and it must be designed delicately.

With the below mentioned DIY tips, you will be able to make your home look better:

  • What is broken should be repaired. As an example if your swimming pool has to be repaired then don’t delay. The earlier you repair your pool the better will it be for you. You will be constantly bothered if you have something to do, so it is better to get repaired what is broken.
  • Your homes entrance should be perfect. It will be necessary for you to spend some quality time and money on your entrance so that when you enter your home, you feel good and when someone else visits you, they must also feel good. You should therefore have to pay special attention in fixing and designing the lawn, pool, main gate, garden and so on. If there is something which needs to be fixed or altered, take the help of the experts if you think you cannot do it yourself.
  • You can install decorative screens in your rooms to make them look bigger. You can make use a small bistro table to serve as a dining table which is intimate and one which also serves as an excellent coffee talk spot. Curtains should allow the light in so that the room looks bigger. Never leave your clothes or laundry strewn here and there as it will make your apartment look cluttered and small. You can also make your r room look bigger by installing plants that can be hung from the ceiling or on the walls. Mirrors also make your room look larger.
  • One more DIY tip on making your room look bigger is to have some storage such as small decorative boxes to keep your things in, so that they don’t lie around. If you are fond of reading magazines then can get for yourself a magazine holder and put all your magazines in it. By making some wall shelves, yow will be able to get rid of the tabletop mess The best part is you can do all these by yourself without spending too much money.
  • You should pay special attention at the interiors. The decoration is very important. Keep changing the appliances as well as the setting from time to time. Get rid of out-dated stuff.

Here are some points which will help you to stay focused when dealing with your home’ interior:

  • Paintings, wall hangings as well as the decorative pieces are also important
  • Place your furniture delicately as the furniture is an essential part of a home
  • Sofa cushions, curtains as well as your carpet must be aligned. All of them should be able to share a common pattern or they must have contrasting colors
  • Your home should have proper lightning
  • Your house must be airy

By taking into considerations these simple tips, you will be able to make your room look bigger.

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