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Small apartments always require interior design to make them appear bigger. You can either design the interiors on your own or hire a design professional for it. There are some minor changes which can help in increasing space inside the house. One of the ways to do so is follow the rule of symmetry while placing furniture. It always ensures that space is utilized in the optimum manner. Then there are other tips, which you can find by viewing this video. The walls on the inside can be decorating by placing picture frames. Make sure to place the frames in a way such that they appear symmetrical on the wall.

Want to know a little secret to maximise your space by using designer homewares from Domestix? Well it’s really simple, use homewares in your interior design that can be used to add that feeling of space. Most people make the mistake of adding large objects in a small space.

But the secret is to add small items to the room while keeping the look minimalist. We were able to achieve that by including Maxwell and Williams dinner sets on the walls of the kitchen to add that extra flare without needing to do much renovations.

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