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There might be time when you’re looking at your shower base and wondering if you need to get it changed for a new one or repair it. There are though, some signs that point to repairs and some that point to complete replacements. If you are beginning to notice these signs, then it is time to think about getting a new shower base. To help you out, here are the signs that you should starting considering replacing your shower base.

Deflection and Movement.
Over the years (say to 10 to 15), shower bases start to shift and move. This means that the structure and the hold of the shower base is shifting and becoming unstable. Basically, it means that it is no longer holding still, which means two things: it is becoming dangerous and you need a new one. Repairs won’t help it in this case, as it is too loose to hold on any longer.

Internal Leaks.
It does not mean that if your shower base is splashed with water or flooded, that your shower head is leaking water. This could be a sign that the internal structure of your plumbing could be damage and is leaking through to the shower base. This is a problem, because it means that the internal structure and hold of the shower base is becoming weak. Just like ‘movement’ and shifting, it means that you’ll need a new base, as the hold and internal structure is damaged. Some bathrooms have quality concrete floors while others have tiles so the shower base has to be fitted perfectly.

The most obvious and biggest sign that your shower base is beginning to really falter. Cracks mean that the outer layer of the shower base has broken, exposing the internal layers, which can lead to in-depth cracks. And if that happens: it is time to get that new shower base. Internal cracks are a problem and it is a waste of money looking for a repair, as it will happen again sooner or later. It is best to look for a brand new for security and long-term use.

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