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When it comes to designing and laying out your bathroom, kitchen, outdoor area or any part of your home, you want the best tiles for them. The problem is there are thousands of different tiles out there. But what is the best, most modern and coolest tiles? Well, you don’t have to stress about finding out – because we have done it for you. 

How did we do it? After speaking to the leading tiles store in Melbourne in Tilefix Port Melbourne, we have found the three coolest tiles ever. For more information on these tiles – or if you want more information on tiles and bathroom accessories, check out our frequently asked questions. 

Hexagon Tiles: 

Who says that four sides are enough? Especially when you can get a hexagon tile! That is why hexagon tiles are so cool and popular with so many people. Firstly, they break the traditional mould of four-side tiles, by being six-sided. Secondly, they can easily match together and create a stunning collection. And finally, there are plenty of designs and styles to make your place stand out. If you are thinking of something that is a little out of the box, then hexagon tiles are for you. 

Mosaic Tiles: 

The classic Spanish tiles that have been used for centuries. Mosaic tiles are known for their diversity and their ability to be applied to any room and situation. There is no questioning that when it comes to getting creative with your property, the mosaic tiles are for you. With a huge array of colours, designs, cuts, styles, and hues, you never will run out of choices. But better yet, you can mix and match these choices to create something that will truly stand out. That is the key difference between these tiles and others: you can create what you want, and it will all fit and work together. 

Outdoor Tiles: 

You can’t put indoor tiles like the ones we mention above outdoors, as you risk their condition and quality. You need special tiles that are going to last the distance, but also ensure they remain in their premium condition. That is exactly what outdoors tiles are made for – perfectly your outdoor area, while constantly ensuring it remains in the best condition. So if you are looking to add a layer of quality to your outdoor area or proceedings, then we suggest that you look towards outdoors tiles as your solution. There are plenty of colours, designs, and styles in which they come in, so you never have to worry about finding what you want. 

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