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In the process of constructing a new property use as their homes or for commercial purposes, many property owners are faced with a tough decision on the type of foundation that they should install in their property for maximum profitability and longevity. This decision is crucial to the overall long-term performance of the foundation against the elements. It is for this reason that more advanced methods of foundation building have been formulated by industry experts. Concrete foundations have gained popularity over the years due to the many benefits that they provide to the property owner as well as the contractors who carry out the construction of the foundation. This article analyzes some of the benefits that a property owner can realize from using concrete foundation in their property.

One of the important aspects of a foundation material is the stability and shifting of the material. Concrete is very stable and provides the property with a firm base with increased support. This enhances the structural integrity of the property. The materials used to produce concrete are readily available and consists of gravel, water and cement. This therefore makes it an economical choice for a foundation. Shifting occurs in foundations due to earth movements and affects the stability of the foundation. However, concrete is a strong material that is stable and minimizes the amount of shifting thus remaining in position beneath the property.

The increased strength, density, and joint free construction of poured slab dramatically reduce the water leakage issues that are regularly experienced in basements. A watertight basement ensures that there is less callback to the developers or builders, which consequently reduces the amount of warranty problems. Moreover, this property protects the basement from the negative effects of rising water tables, which eventually may damage the basement and reduce the stability of the property. Another benefit of a concrete foundation is the fact that it offers excellent fire resistance properties in the event of a fire. This provides protection for the upper levels of a property in case of an exterior fire and contains the fire in case the fire originates from the interior of the property.

Concrete foundation has good thermal conduction for the property. It absorbs the heat during the day and releases it during the night. This is the reason why the floors may feel cold at night. Good thermal conduction translates to less air conditioning costs thus more savings in electricity. Coupled by its economical, easy to maintain nature, concrete foundation is an excellent choice for a property owner.

Concrete is not limited to foundation only but its uses are also evident in concrete block retaining walls and concrete house slabs. These walls have proven themselves very useful because it reduces maintenance costs and prevents erosion, prevents damage to property or surrounding structures that may have been installed, provides functional support by keeping soil in place thus reducing the effects of soil erosion and eliminating the eyesore of dirt piles and hills. Retaining walls also provide aesthetic and design properties to the property, which increases the value of the property.

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