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Gutters are a vital part of any roof. You need them to make sure that your roof is safe and secure, runs smoothly and doesn’t face any major problems. So you should always make sure that your gutters are at 100%! Which is why you should be contacting roofing contractors about gutter replacement and gutter repair services. But before you sign anything or agree to any work, you should ask them these questions, so you can get the best service on the market! 

What is included in your gutter replacement services? 

When you pay for roofing services, you want to know where your money is going. You want to know what you are paying for; so when it comes to expert gutter replacement services, ask what you are getting for it in return. Is the cost of labour, the parts or the time to do the job? Speak to them beforehand and see what you are getting for your money – it will help you make a decision. 

How can you improve my gutters with your service? 

Due to the simple nature of installing gutters (and the low cost of the operation), many contractors are happy to merely do the job and get it out of the way. Therefore, a lot of the time they won’t do it properly. So before they start working, ask the prospective roofing expert what they would do to improve your gutter flow and see what they say. This will tell you a lot about the their experience, attention to detail, and quality of work.

What size gutters should I install when I need new ones? 

In most homes, gutters have a size of about 12cm. However, if you do go for a larger size (such as a 15cm or 17cm), you will vastly improve the flow and space of air running down the gutter, plus provide you with minimal chance of clogging up. Of course, not all roofing contractors have the range of gutter sizes to satisfy your means. Speak to them and see what gutters are on offer with a gutter replacement in Burwood. 

Are you bonded and insured?

You want to make sure that if anything goes wrong, that the roofing contractor is covered by insurance and is bonded. Hiring a roofing contractor without proper insurance means that you could be liable for the injuries if they hurt while on your property. If this is a concern to you, simply ask the company to provide an insurance certificate showing that their insurance coverage is in effect.

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